Who We Are

Owned and Operated by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

Qualla Enterprises is a unique venture that combines traditional knowledge with innovative farming methods to produce high-quality cannabis products. We aim to uplift the Cherokee community by creating job opportunities and providing alternative healthcare solutions with a deep respect for nature. Qualla Enterprises promotes choice as an exercise of sovereignty and symbolizes a commitment to a sustainable future, fostering economic independence and empowering the EBCI community.

Helping the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and Neighboring Communities

Our cannabis operation will employ approximately 500 individuals–most of whom we want to hire from a pool of enrolled applicants–from all walks of life. Being a Tribal business means preserving our economic sovereignty and promoting local employment equity in a growing competitive industry.

How we directly help the local community:

At Qualla Enterprises, LLC, we value our community and actively participate in local events and celebrations. We are dedicated to supporting community members’ personal and professional growth by providing training and skill-building programs tailored to the cannabis industry. Our commitment to creating employment opportunities is reflected in our regular job fairs, which help residents find meaningful work within our company. As our operations continue to grow, so does our commitment to community engagement and local employment. We are excited to host upcoming local events, starting with distributing agricultural resources such as coco coir substrates and Cooper’s Creek Farm compost to support local gardening needs.

How we help the neighboring communities:

Qualla Enterprises, LLC isn’t just a business, we are a dedicated member of our community. We take great pride in offering employment opportunities to the members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and residents of neighboring counties and providing healthcare products to non-enrolled members. Our commitment to collaboration with local authorities is unwavering, and working together is the key to achieving sustainable solutions that benefit everyone. As such, we actively engage with our neighbors to promote well-being, placing sustainability at the forefront of our operations. At Qualla Enterprises, we are proud to set the standard for safe and regulated access to medical cannabis, which has transformed countless lives and is helping to build a brighter future for our community.


Diversifying Revenue Streams

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians has traditionally relied on the casino industry for economic growth. However, Qualla Enterprises, LLC offers an alternative source of revenue. Our cannabis business uses natural and sustainable resources to produce top-notch cannabis products, blending traditional techniques with modern cultivation methods. This venture provides the tribe with a diverse income stream, boosts the local economy, creates jobs, and offers alternative healthcare solutions for our community. We remain committed to community well-being and nature preservation while expanding our economic portfolio.

“I came from the gaming industry, and I think the pandemic was really scary for us because we saw that we had kind of a one-horse show: the casino. To diversify revenue streams is important.”

Lee Griffin, Director of Human Resources at Qualla Enterprises, LLC


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